How the hell do you actucally save money

Recently I  was asked how do I manage to afford the lifestyle I have whilst only working part-time. Being 21 (Today actually, yay happy birthday to me)  I hear a lot of the older generation saying “she just blows her money and has no real savings”. That’s where they’re wrong. I’ve only worked for two years and in that time I’ve saved over $5000 AUD. I only make $400 A week. I do what I want and buy what I want when I want, but how? I budget.

Let us break down my lifestyle, shall we?


So every week I go out for lunch/dinner twice, I get a barista made coffee every day and I do yoga 3 times a week and swim 4 times a week and I get a massage every week.  Monthly I pay for a gym membership, petrol, Netflix, Itunes and Beauty products. How do I even have savings? Let’s break it down even more.

Monthly Expenses
iTunes -$6.00
Netflix- $10.00
Gym membership- $65.00
Bellabox (where I get most beauty products for the blog) -$18.00

That’s $100 a month. break this down further and that’s $25.00 a week. That means weekly I am left with $375.

After that, I take out $150- I put $75 into my general savings and $75 into a travel account. I mean you never know when you may get the travel bug. I know that $75 doesn’t seem like much but in a year that’s $3900 in each account. 


Now we are left with $225 for the week. The next thing I will do is put petrol in my car. The cost varies due to petrol prices but my car is very economical to run so the most it could possibly cost to fill up is $40 and the least is $10. Let’s assume its $30 since most of the time it falls between $25-$30. We are left with $195 for the week.

Now I am lucky that I work in a cafe. I don’t pay for coffee and I get half price meals. I often go to the cafe for coffee or Gloria Jeans. Since most people aren’t as lucky as I am to work in a cafe, The best way to get a coffee fix is going to a cafe with a good reward system. Since I basically live off the coffee from where I work, I get kind of sick of it so I like to go to Gloria Jeans. Now my coffee order is EXPENSIVE (Soy cap extra shot, often large) So that’s about $5.50. Whenever I go to Gloria Jeans I go with my boyfriend so the coffee order goes up to about $10.00. Gloria Jean’s reward system is good since for every $10.00 you get you get, 100 points. 300 points = free small coffee, 600 points = free medium coffee and 1000 points = free large coffee. My boyfriend and I share 1 points card and save up for 2 medium coffees (1200 points or $120. Divided by 2 that’s $60 each). Clearly, coffee every day can get very expensive, So I recommend limiting your coffee to 3 times a week (the amount I go here varies but let’s just go with 3).  Factoring that into the weekly budget for me alone that’s $16.50 a week on coffee (in two weeks I have already got a free small coffee). This leaves me with $178.50.

This is one thing that’s a must for me. It makes me feel good and relaxed. I look forward to it. The key is not to go overboard. I always, ALWAYS go to one Chinese massage place and always get, head, shoulder and neck massage since that’s where I build up the most tension. This costs me $35 a week. The thing I like about this place is they give you a rewards card and on your 10th visit you get a free massage valued at the average that you’ve spent on the last 9. I always get a free $35 voucher since well that’s the only Massage I get. Factoring that into the budget that leaves me with $143.50

Dining out
Now, where I go and what I get changes a lot. I sometimes eat at my cafe for free or sometimes ill go somewhere nice. Sometimes a pub or sometimes subway. I have $143.50 to do with what I want so if I feel like splurging I will. In Australia to eat out a meal will often cost about $25-$30. Since I do this twice a week, let’s say I got two $25 meals (I normally do), I am left with $93.50.

Swimming and Yoga
Before I mentioned my gym membership. I Pay $65 a month which is $16.50 a week, for this shit so I make sure to get
my money’s worth. I do yoga 3 times a week. Per one yoga class, without a membership, it costs $11.00. I swim 4 times a week which is $6.00 without a membership. In a week, without a membership, I would be paying $57.00 but I pay $16.50 a week for a membership. Since I already put away $25 before for my monthly costs I am still left with $93.50.

So what do I do with this leftover money? Sometimes I will save it. Sometimes I’ll buy something it really just depends on my needs. But this is how you budget like a boss.

Well, that’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely xxx
Sign Off

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