La Rocher-Posay Nutritive Oil

I’ve never really been one to use a nutritive oil. Hell, I didn’t even know what a nutritive oil was until I received the La Rocher-Rosay Nutritive Oil in my January Bellabox. But man oh man was I missing out. This shit is the BOMB. For this post, I’m gonna try something different. I am going to break this review down into categories. 


What is it?
The bottle says that it is a high protection nutrient oil which provides skin with nutrients. So like an oil moisturiser or a vegetable? 

 What does it do?
It claims to nourish the skin leaving it thoroughly moisturised. It also claims to protect skin from sunburn, skin reactions and UV rays. It contains essential vitamins necessary for keeping the skin nourished and healthy as well as SPF 50+

I think that the packaging is alright. Nothing Instagram worthy. Kind of reminds me of Bio Oil. Maybe because it is orange? 

Very thin, lightweight and easily absorbed oil. It’s more, silky then oily which confuses me a lot. 

So this oil comes saying it has fragrance added to it. What fragrance you ask? I have no damn idea. The smell is strange. I cannot describe it but I kind of really like it. It’s sweet and floral but not quite floral. It really confuses me. I feel as if it would be a hit or miss. 

This oil leaves your skin looking silky and a little shiny. After I apply it it is almost as if my skin is glowing. It makes your skin look very healthy and very hydrated. I’ve had work colleagues and friends comment on how silky my arms look, which yes is a strange compliment but a nice one. I guess. 

After using this my skin is sufficiently hydrated and doesn’t feel greasy at all. It leaves my skin looking healthy with a healthy glow. As for an alternative to sunscreen? I wouldn’t risk it. I think this would be a good product to wear with sunscreen or maybe even after sun exposure to replenish your skin. The SPF only lasts for 2 hours so that’s another thing to keep in mind. 

$37.00AUD for 250ml, which I would say is a pretty good buy. You can get $4.00 by clicking the button below.

Final Thoughts
I think that this oil is better than your everyday body butter or moisturiser since not only does it hydrate the skin, but it also provides nutrients and a healthy glow with the added benefit of SPF 50+. I have not had a moisturiser with the same glowy finish. I also find that I do not have to use it every day since it keeps my skin soft and silky for a few days.  Overall I think that this is an amazing product! I give it 5/5!


That’s all from me. 
Until next time my lovely xxx
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