Peppermint Grove Wild Jasmine & Mint Hand Cream

Peppermint Grove is a brand I have seen in all gift shops but it never really interested me since it’s kind of pricey. My amazing best friend, however, got me this beautiful hand cream for Christmas!

As a barista, my hands get very dry from all the washing, heat, cleaning chemicals and the coffee so a quality hand cream is something I need!

This hand cream is AMAZING! Firstly the smell is so fresh. It isn’t very strong which I like. It reminds me of spring!

The packaging is so cute. I find it very simplistic and elegant. I like it that much that the hand cream stays on my desk for practicality and decoration!

The cream itself is very thin and silky. It’s not quite liquid but it’s very close! It absorbs almost instantly and leaves my hands super soft! It keeps my hands moisturised for days! I often use it every second day but I have gone a week without using it to see what would happen and man oh man is this cream good. I normally get the strange little peeling skin near my nails but with this cream gone!

Retailing at $30 it’s not really that bad for what it does!

The Verdict
Price- 6/1
Rating- 7/10
Would I buy again?
As much as I like it I’m not sure if I’d buy it for myself, but if someone were to gift it to me id happily accept!

That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely xxx
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