The Art Of Face Masks III- What Mask Is For You

Everyone’s skin type and concerns are different. The beauty of face masks is that there is a type for every skin concern which is why I love them so much! For me personally, it took me some time to find out what kind worked for me. Using the wrong type can actually do you more harm than good.  This post is to help you pick the face mask that is best for you! I should note that I am not a professional so these are only recommendations in attempts to help you. 

First of all, what is your skin concern? Is it oily, sensitive, dry, uneven, aged, balanced or damaged? Everyone has a skin type. If you had super oily skin why would you use a face mask meant for dry skin? The first step is to identify what type of skin you have and what your issue is! 

Now that you’ve identified your skin concern its time to talk about the different types of masks. 

Clay Masks
Clay masks are great if you have oily skin. They penetrate the skin and draw impurities from the skin, pulling oils and dirt from the pores. There are 10000s of types of clay masks too! My favourite is the Pure Clay Mask range from L’oriel Paris.  Not only do they help with oily skin, they also have clay masks that help with pigmentation, blackheads and breakouts.  It’s almost like a double whammy. 

Peel Off Masks
Peel off masks are probably the most fun but they are a big no go for me. I have oily skin and these masks are ideal for dry skin or aged skin. They hydrate and tighten the skin. They can either come in gel form or plastic form. The gel type is usually more hydrating. Beware, the plastic types can hurt when peeling off but they do show instant results! 

Thermal Masks
These are otherwise known as heat masks. They can come in cream or sheet form. You put them on and they slowly heat up to open the pores and help unclog dirt stuck in the skin. These types of masks are very good for acne-prone skin. It’s not recommended for people with damaged skin (such as scabby acne). My skin personally is very sensitive so I’ve never had a good experience with these. They always seem to irritate my skin so I’m going to recommend that this is not for the sensitive types. 

Cream Masks
Cream masks are perfect for balanced to dry skin. These are super sensitive and add moisture to the skin. There are also cream masks that are used for gradual whitening and dull skin. These types are easy to get carried away with since, unlike clay masks, thermal masks and peel off masks there is no real change in the mask so you other then the time, you don’t really know when it’s done. 

Warm Oil Masks
Oil masks or warm oil masks is just that, warm oil. So in spa’s they usually use warm oil masks but you can find oil masks for home use. The at-home uses oil masks are not warm. Contrary to the word oil, this mask can be used on any type of skin. Whilst it does add moisture to the skin it has many other benefits such as the ability to
repiar damaged skin. You just need to read what the mask is for to see if it is right for you.

Sheet Masks
Sheet Masks were made popular by Korean beauty. What I love about sheet masks is that there is a kind of any skin concern you just need to read. These are probably the easiest forms of face masks to use.  I did a post on Korean face masks a while back which you can read here:

The next part of this series is Face Masks do’s and don’ts.

That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely xxx
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