Fragrances that gartentee you will get complamented every time

Other then skincare I always spend big on good quality perfume. It lasts forever, smells amazing and makes you feel a little luxurious! Here’s a list of my top 5!

5. Red Door – $23.00

2012-03-01 05.18.41.jpg

Okay so this one is cheap but it smells luxurious! My mother uses to always wear this when I was younger so there’s something about the smell that brings me a calming feeling. This is one of those cheap perfumes that is guaranteed to get you completed every time! Okay, so I do have to admit this smell is a real hit or miss on people. On me and my mother it smells amazing but on my sister, it’s a no go so I do recommend trying before you buy!

4. Flower Bomb – $70.00

2012-03-01 05.17.27.jpg

This perfume is a real punch in the face!!! it’s a very very strong fragrance that you can smell as soon as you enter a room. It’s either a hit or miss with some people but I personally really like it. Go big or go home.

3. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream-$80.00

2012-03-01 05.15.28.jpg

Everyone has smelt daisy. Daisy Dream is a more subtle version of daisy which I think is slightly more floral than the original Daisy. It’s the type of perfume you’d wear to work.

2. Dior  Hypnotic Poison- $140.00

2012-03-01 05.15.09.jpg

This perfume only recently made it to my list knocking out Armani code. I actually received this perfume for Christmas from my uncle. I love Dior makeup but never really dove into their fragrances and man do I regret it. This scent is a strong scent but not in an unpleasant way. It’s more something you’d wear out to an event rather than an everyday perfume.

1. Chanel Number 5- $160.00

2012-03-01 05.16.42.jpg

This smell is oh my god. Classic and fresh. Not too strong but really packs a punch. This is my nonna’s signature scent and her whole house smells like this! Whenever I wear it I get strangers complimenting me on how nice I smell. It lasts a super long time as well! I find it’s a smell that smells good on anyone.

BONUS Si -$200.00

I recently smelt this when my nonna got it for Christmas and man, oh man I just think I might be my new number one. It’s a very sweet smell but has that classic kind of scent it’s a very complex smell. I really need to pick up a bottle of this stuff. It’s amazing!

That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely xxx.

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