The Face Shop JeJu Volcanic Lava Mask

Yes, here I am again with another Face Shop review! I just love that shop so much! If you don’t know what the Face Shop is, it’s a Korean skincare shop that is AMAZING!

I was lucky enough to actually receive this from one of my best friend for Christmas who knows how much I love this shop! What made it more fun was, we tried it together.


This mask interested me a lot. It says it’s made from volcanic ash from the Jeju volcanos. Seems like a lot of work to make if you ask me! It is meant to detoxify your skin giving it a super deep clean as well as minimising pores. I feel like most masks do this nowadays if I’m being totally honest.

The one thing I was like yeah sure is the pore minimisation. As someone with pores the size of the moon, I’d love to minimise my pores and have tried 1000 different things but have given up.

This mask is similar to the classic clay type mask. It’s thick and creamy and very soft to the touch. It is however much thicker than a clay mask.

You pop it on let it set for about 10 minutes and wash it off.

The first thing I noticed is my skin was VERY RED. I was like oh no this was a mistake. I already have hyper-pigmentation, super sensitive skin and the occasional skin irritation scab formation type burning situation when a product and I don’t get along. I can normally tell when a product isn’t for me as soon as I put it on my skin. My skin will instantly burn and turn bright red but this mask didn’t do that which confused me. I was like whatever and went to bed. Normally the next day my skin is a mess if I disagree with a product. Expecting to wake up with awfully red, painful, scabby skin I was shocked. My skin was looking flawless. My hyperpigmentation was noticeably reduced, my skin was super soft and dewy and my pores. Holy hell where did my pores go! They were so small. I was scared in all honesty.

Coming in at $27 AUD it is a steal!

The Verdict

Price- 9/10
Rating- 10/10
Would I buy again? 
Yes, 1000 times yes it is truly amazing!

That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely xxx
Sign Off

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