Rich Hand V, Hand And Foot Total Treatment

My recent trip to Melbourne found me at my favourite shop in the world. The Face Shop. For anyone who doesn’t know what the Face Shop is, it’s a Korean skincare shop that does sometimes have makeup! It is heaven on earth…well next to Vivi’s.

I’ve been getting into a lot of swimming lately both at the beach and the pool to keep fit but I found that the chlorine and the salt are really drying my skin out. Especially my feet. My feet have been super cracked, rough and hard which is super annoying!

Whilst in Melbourne my goal was to get a good foot cream since I’ve been using hand cream on my feet! That is when I found it. My one true love, the hand and foot total treatment!

Whilst the packaging is kind of boring and the smell smells, well like cream this stuff is AMAZING!

The texture of this cream is so strange, in a good way. It’s thick but not too thick, creamy but at the same time kind of not? Its what I think shea butter would feel like but a little thinner. The texture is that damn nice I may or may not have stuck my whole finger in it out of pure lust.

A little really goes a long way. Whilst it is a little greasy the results are almost instant! I find it works best before bed since it’s quite cooling and relaxing.

Coming in at $20 it is a steal!

The Verdict
Price- 9/10
Would I buy again?
Uhg yes, this is all I’ve ever needed in life! I hope they never stop selling it, it’s just that good!

That’s all from me.
Until Next time my lovely xxx
Sign Off

Get it girl

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