L’Oréal Paris Pure clay mask review 2.0

Oh my god why are these masks so good! So one of my first posts was on the L’Oréal Paris pure clay mask in charcoal. Since then I have gotten the whole collection including the two new masks that just launched in Australia which I know have been around for a while in us but I’m just so excited.

The masks are like magic!!! They have something for every need! In the range, there are five masks at the moment!

There is;

The pure clay detox and brining mask made with charcoal to pull out all the gunk in your skin. It’s black, thin and creamy with no real scent to it!

The pure clay exfoliation and refining mask made with red Algee to gently exfoliate the skin. This one is a sandy red in colour has a subtle sweet scent and is thick and rough so you can feel the exfoliation. This one doesn’t dry hard like most clay masks. You put on leave it for 10-15 rub it around and rings it off!

The pure clay purifies and mattifies mask is made from eucalyptus and is designed to help with oily skin. I have very oily skin so this mask is heaven. I use these face masks three times a week. I use this one once a week on its own all over my face and then another day I will multi-mask with this, the red one and the black one!

The pure clay clarifies and smooth is one of the new ones to make its way to Australia. It’s made with lemon to brighten the skin and man does it work wonders! Like the exfoliation mask, it’s thick and rough but this one drys hard. It has a lovely lemon scent and results are instant! As someone with hyperpigmentation, this is a lifesaver. When you wash it off your skin is a bit red but after half an hour your skin looks brighter and marks are less red! It’s yellow in colour which makes me wonder if they dye their products. The first two I can see why they could naturally be black and red but the yellow one is somewhat confronting!

The pure clay clear and comfort mask is another new one to make its way to Australia. Made with seaweed this mask clears blemishes, tightens the skin and calms stressed skin. Wow, that’s a lot for a mask to do. Let me tell you it does just that. This mask, like the black one, is very thin and silky and has a salty smell. After you wash it off your face feels tight and clean! I like to use this with the clarify and smooth mask as a multi-mask since I find they work well together. This mask, however, is bright blue….like the yellow mask I think it’s dyed.

Literally, all they need is a hydrating mask and boom you are set for life. These are honestly my go-to masks. There so cheap yet super effective. Instantly after every mask, I can see the difference. There great for multi masking or they’re great on there own. I go to them in my times of need and they never ever let me down.

Coming in at $12AUD Each they are hat damn cheap! I honestly don’t know if these are just a cheap dupe of an expensive mask or what but I’m yet to find a better mask.

Oh and one last thing. I’m going to be posting Tuesdays and Thursdays now and not doing Sundays anymore. I’m sorry my lovely xxx

Until next time xxx


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  1. Oh my god I didn’t even know that they had a lemon one! I love all things lemon I much try it out. Where did you get it from? I live in aus to!! 🙂

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