Predicted beauty trends of 2018

Hey guys my post about the worst trends of 2017 inspired me to look into the predicted trends of 2018. Whilst there are 1000s of predictions these 7 are the most popular!

1. Skincare that doubles as makeup
This year it’s predicted that people are going to ditch the heavy foundation and go for a more natural look. Tinted moisturisers and tinted sunscreen will be used to achieve this new natural look plus it’s good for your skin!

2. Bright coloured eyeshadow
The days of the classic Smokey eye could come to an end this year! Bright reds, deep blues and vibrant purples just to name a few are what’s making it big in the beauty world right now! None of these subtle natural colours, big bold and bright is what we want!

3. Glitter lipgloss
With the return of the lipgloss thanks to Fenty beauty, glitter has been predicted to be all the rage! So versatile that you can apply it on top of any lip colour this is one prediction I hope comes true!

4. Big bold lashes
Everyone loves lashes! Last year it was all about spider lashes but not this year! Big full thick lashes are predicted to be all the rage this year. This is something I have ALWAYS loved!

5. Cleansing oil
With Korean beauty trends becoming more and more popular in the western world this year we could be saying goodbye to the tradition foam cleanser and opting for an oil cleanser. I personally dislike them since they are so messy to use and you don’t get the satisfaction of the soapy bubbles you get from other cleansers. Whilst oil cleaners are meant to be better for your skin I personally want nothing to do with them!

6. Gold. Lots of gold
Again thanks to the highly influential Fenty beauty range and the ever so popular trophy wife highlighter, gold is set to be all the rage! Gold highlights, gold eyeshadow and gold lipgloss! An added bonus is gold looks good with pretty much all skin tones! I have already jumped on this Trend!

7. Spiced cider hair colour
This is the one Trend that I think is just stupid. It is literally just a blonder strawberry blond with brown highlights. Plus a spiced cider is more orange in appearance. If anything was to be a spiced cider hair colour I would say it is when the blonde in your hair turns brassy!

That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely xxx
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