Too Faced Pretty Little Planner

Man oh man am I obsessed with too faced at the moment. All their products are soooo cute!! The one thing I’ve been wanting for ages is the too faced pretty little planners. I am a sucker for anything baby blue and to do with planning so when I got it for Christmas I almost cried.

2012-03-01 05.00.54.jpg

Now if you know anything about me eyeshadows are my weakness. I’m the worst as doing anything with eyeshadows but these. Wow I’m surprised at how easy they blend out. Their super pigmented and not really powdery so you don’t get that crazy fall out. Have a look at these swatches

I like how there is a range of mattes and glitters to so the looks are endless. One thing I wish they had was more natural mattes in the palette since if I want to make a look with that palette alone my only choices are coffee first, snooze you later or why not.

2012-03-01 05.01.11.jpg

I love how it’s so user-friendly. You can easily blend two colours together to make endless combos. This is my first decent palette though since I’m not really good with eyeshadows so that could be why I’ve never had a good experience.

I’m pretty proud of this look since as I said before I’m not the best with eyeshadow.

Now for the planner. Holy hell is it cute. It comes in this little fake leather zip-up case that has a little heart mirror. It’s great for storing other little times too. The little planner is small but perfect for me to uni. It’s super cute, colourful and has all these little facts about too faced cosmetics!

I often keep a pen and a small lipstick inside the planner case since I bring the planner everywhere I go!

2012-03-01 05.04.58.jpg

Coming in at $61 AUD it isn’t cheap.

The Verdict
Price- 5/10
Rating- 8/10
Would I buy again-
Yes I would. I think it is a cute little idea and whilst it is expensive you do get a planner and a cute little planner cover with it.

As it is limited edition they aren’t selling it anymore so I won’t be able to link it in this post Sorry!

That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely xxx.

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