$900 Skincare Routine!!!

Wait what? Did I say $900? Yep. That’s right, I was fortunate enough to get my hands on the Elizabeth grant ultimate caviar collection which originally retails for $876 AUD but I got it for $450! That’s right. Half price!

So in the collection I got:

The ultimate caviar nourishing Body cream which retails for $70 AUD.

The caviar nourishing Eye cream valued $120 AUD.

The Caviar nourishing Night cream valued at $160 AUD

The Face serum -$160CAD

24-hour caviar nourishing face cream valued at $200 AUD

And the Stem cell concentrate valued at $150 AUD

Looking on the website, buying all those items separately would cost $860 AUD!

Right off the bat the 24-hour face cream and the body cream did not work well with me. Instantly they gave me a rash so I gave them to my mum (hence why I don’t have them in the photos below. Silly me should have taken photos before giving them away) with that in mind I was freaking out worried that these products would also react badly with me!

I was wrong. Let me start with my favourite thing in this collection; the eye cream! It’s so thin and lightweight yet super fast acting. Whilst I don’t really need eye cream yet, you’re never young to start! For me personally, a lot of eye creams make my eyes water, regardless of how far away they are kept from my eyes. But this one is amazing. No reaction what so ever plus it absorbs super fast! It also really helps with dark circles which amazed me!

The night cream is something else. Man you put that baby on and instantly your skin is soft and plump and it keeps your skin soft all day and night long! I actually forgot to moisturise one day and I found that my skin was still super soft and hydrated!

The serum and the stem cell concentrate, however, is nothing to rave about. Are they bad? No they’re okay. There nothing special. Sorry but I’ve had better results with cheaper serums. Whilst these do provide moisture with the effects are minimal. There is no minimisation of my pores nor is there any fast regeneration whilst using these serums which for the price is quite annoying. Perhaps it would work better for people with aged skin and wrinkles but it didn’t do much for me.

I got this pack via TVSN, an Australian shopping network, however, I cannot find the original deal anymore! I also must point out it doesn’t come with a cleanser, toner or exfoliate, which for a skincare pack is kind of disappointing! They should have swapped the 24-hour cream, one of the serums and the body cream for a cleanser toner and exfoliator!

Whilst my skin has become way softer and the dark circles under my eyes have disappeared I wouldn’t say this $900 skincare routine to be worth it! I’ve tried it for about two months now and yeah it’s ok but I’ve seen better results from other cheaper brands. Again I should also point out that my main issue is the redness in my skin rather than moisture which yes is still an issue for me but not my main issue.

Overall this was a fun little experiment that I mainly did on the blog!

The Verdict

Rating: 4/10
Price: 0/10
Would I buy again:
look the eye cream yes. Anything else? Maybe not. It’s pricey af!

That’s all from me.
Until Next time my lovely xxx

Sign Off

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