At Home Spa Level Facial

Who doesn’t love going to the spa! I know it’s one of my favourite things to so but sadly as a uni student who works part-time it’s not something I can really afford.

As someone with ultra-sensitive skin, my skin flairs up a lot. I can get crazy red acne from being in the city too much due to pollution in the air, I can get it from wearing sunscreen too much, I can get it before my monthly and I sure as hell can get it from the wrong products. Whilst after many years of trial and error I have found a routine that works for my skin and can get my skin back to clear within a matter of weeks. One of those steps involved facials.

My therapist told me that you can get a facial every week but you could still have bad skin. It’s what you do at home that’s going to benefit you the most. With that, and being broke I was inspired to make my own at home ‘spa-like facial’.

What I have noticed from every professional facial is that after the cleansing, the toning and the microdermabrasion, which is hard to do at home they do three prominent things; Exfoliation (Usually microdermabrasion), some form of clay to cleanse the pores and products to rehydrate the face.

So to begin you cleanse and tone the skin. Toning helps deep penetration of products.

I was lucky enough to be given an at home microdermabrasion machine to use at home from my aunt but I don’t really recommend it. It takes a skilled professional to use one so instead of using that to exfoliate I  like to use an exfoliation mask. There are two I use. One from LOreal Paris, their Pure clay exfoliation mask Or I use the Latherapy exfoliator which doubles as a whitening mask.

Between Each step I like to use steam to really open my pores plus it’s relaxing.

So to give my pores a good old clean there are two masks I like to use. Either the Loreal Paris charcoal detox mask or the body shop matcha face mask.

Heres where I change it up a bit. I usually do this routine before bed once every two weeks. After the clay mask, I steam again add my moisturiser and serums and then move to the final step. Hydration.

To hydrate, I like to use the Dr Jart+ Water Fuse face mask. This mask is a sleeping mask which creates almost a protective barrier and leaves you waking up with the softest skin you’ve ever had.

You really need to be careful not to overdo this routine and only leave the masks on for the required amount of time. Longer does not mean better and since there is so much going on your skin it can stress your skin out a bit if you’ve left the products on to long.

Start off doing this once a month to see how your skin reacts to it then slowly ease to once every twice a week if needed. Trust me it works a treat and saves money!

That’s all from me.
Until Next time my lovely xxx

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