Huda Beauty FauxFilter Foundation!

I have heard so many good reviews about almost all of Huda beauty’s products from almost every mainstream beauty blogger in the earth! After waiting months and months and months for my colour to finally come back in stock…well when it did it sold out before I could get my hands on it. Damn chai.

What was left was two shades lighter or two shades darker which made me think hmm I can make this work. I’m so glad I got creme brûlée150g (two shades lighter) because it’s actually perfect for my skin tone. On the Huda beauty website, it suggested me chai because of the shade I wear in double wear. I found this shade to be yes a little on the lighter side but perfect. I think I need half a shade darker for it to be an exact colour match! The packaging. Wow. What can I say it is beautiful.

I love how today’s makeup is made to look pretty. I love how it comes with a pump for easy application. Oh, and the bottle is so damn light. I was surprised!! It’s massive too! What blew me away, even more, was the fact that one pump will FULLY cover my face flawlessly. Sorry, what?!

This foundation is that good it’s almost rude! I was in love but didn’t have full fate In it so I put it to the test. On a 40 degree day, I put one pump of product all over my face. concealer press powder and blush. I sweat like crazy and no matter what I use on a day as hot as 40 degrees you Have to reapply! I also went swimming with it on to see how durable it was and I can safely say I’m surprised. I was unfortunate enough to be close to my monthly, had been testing products for the blog that don’t suit my skin and just had a facial with some wicket extractions so my skin was a mess making it even better to test this foundation on! I expected it to all rub off after a long day of swimming and sweating but the foundation itself was still on!

The first image shows my red irritated skin. The centre image is with the only foundation on and the last image is with concealer, blush, highlighter and setting powder. As you can see the coverage itself is pretty good!

Yes, the press powder concealer and blush rubbed off but damn that foundation though! It does dry matte but it isn’t drying to the skin and it’s super thin yet highly pigmented. I also have the biggest pores known to man and no matter what I do or what I wear they show but this foundation. It’s something else. Whilst you could still see pores my face didn’t look like the moon. Come on how come this is so good!

As you can see, whilst some has come off most of it is still on. My scabs are present but none of the redness showing that the foundation itself is still on! And look no shine!

Coming in at $65 AUD yes it isn’t cheap BUT for what it does its worth every cent!

The Verdict
Price- 8/10
Rating- 9.5/10
Would I buy again?
Yes for sure! I don’t think ill be running out anytime soon since the bottle is so big and you don’t need much. This foundation is honestly the best foundation I have ever used! I only wish it was more available. I purchased this in November and at time of purchase most the shades were sold out. I have been keeping an eye out for it as well so I can stock up but it’s almost Feb and there still out of stock everywhere!

That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely xxx

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