Smashbox Drawn in, Decked out, Be Legendary Lipstick.

I am a sucker for lipsticks, I honestly think I have over 100! I go through them like crazy too! It is the one make up product that I cannot live without! So when my boyfriend got me this set for Christmas I was so happy!

2012-03-01 04.34.20

So in the set, you get 6 Mini Lipsticks; Famous (Pink Neutral), Audition (Rose Neutral), Primrose (Mauve Pink), Fig (Red Grape), Witchery (Deep Burgandy) and Legendary (True Red).

I love how in this set you get a range of colours going from nude to dramatic making it fun to experiment with! I personally love all the colours and use them all!

Here are the swatches and what they look like on the lips!

2012-03-01 04.38.13
Top to Bottom: Primrose, Legendary, Witchery,  Famous, Audition, Fig

Top Left to right= Audition, Famous, Primrose.
Bottom Left to right= Witchery, Legendary, Fig.

This set also comes with a mattifier but I found it didn’t really show up in the pictures. I put it on Fig in the last lip test but there was no difference in shine. In real life, you can really see the difference though and it works well but sadly the tube is so small!

2012-03-01 04.31.202012-03-01 04.34.11

I know I got this set as a gift but I had a quick google and it comes in at $25 AUD which in my opinion that’s pretty good value! I mean your getting 5 Mini lipsticks, but for mini lipsticks, they are pretty big.

The lipsticks are very creamy and moisturising. They were also very pigmented. They do however transfer and don’t last longer than 3 hours which is a little annoying but being mini lipsticks there easy to carry!

The Verdict
Price- 10/10
Rating- 8/10
Would I buy again?
 Yeah, I think I would. Its great value for money. The only downside I find they have is how much they transfer and how they aren’t very long lasting but other then that they are amazing!

That’s all from me.
Until Next time my lovely xxx

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