Royal Essence Ring Bath bomb

My Facebook and Instagram feed has been going off these last few months about these ring bath bombs. These bath bombs claim to come with a ring valued at $30- $3000 AUD.  Wow, I thought. How could that even be affordable for the company! Is it all A scam to get customers?

Fear not. I am here to answer all your questions!

I got three bath bombs from royal essence. I got Lime and coconut, Golden egg and Strawberries and cream. First off I must say they are BIG. About the same size, if not bigger then a Lush bath bomb. They also had lovely scents but unlike Lush didn’t leave you with a runny nose and a headache from the scent which was good. I personally find Lush bath bombs to be quite strong when they aren’t in use.


The golden egg was very soft for a bath bomb. To the point, you could squish it between your hands and it would crumble. It was filled with Shea butter with the sole purpose of making your skin soft and man did it perform! It had a pleasant vanilla scent and the glitter did not leave a mess behind!

The ring I got in it was super cute too! I’m not normally a gold ring kind of gal but I find myself wearing it every day! I even wore it to work to test how good of quality is since my hands are always wet at work and guess what. No green finger! With each ring, you get a code to type into the website to see the value of the ring. This ring was valued at $70AUD and admittedly, I can agree. I am the type of person who can only wear high-quality jewellery otherwise it affects my skin!


The second Bath Bomb I tried was the Strawberries and cream and well…It was a disappointment. Whilst the smell was nice and the colour was beautiful, It stained my tub and me pink! I also got the exact same ring which made me wonder if every bath bomb has the exact same ring!

So at this point, I wasn’t sure if I liked this product or not. The first bath bomb was amazing, the ring was cute and it didn’t stain my tub or me! The second was a disappointment. What would the Lime and coconut be like!

This was the flavour I was the most looking forward to. I love anything lime and the combination of coconut I found intriguing. The smell was strange. At first, it was a minty smell, then a citrus smell than a coconut smell. I found the longer I sat in the bath, the stronger the coconut became. It even left my bathroom smelling amazing for days after! And best of yet, No stains!

The ring I got in this bath bomb to was AMAZING! It was a beautiful silver sapphire ring valued at $100 AUD! Score!!

2012-02-26 01.40.39

Each Bath Bomb is Valued at $25 AUD, So yeah whilst it is cheaper to go to lush, you get a ring in these damn things!

Final Thoughts
Price- 4/10
Rating- 9/10
Would I buy again?
 Yes for sure! Maybe not 3, maybe just 1 here and there when I want to treat myself since they are quite expensive. They are super fun and the anticipation makes the experience more magical. I think they would make amazing unique gifts for people as well!

That’s all from me.
Until Next time my lovely xxx

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