Let’s get personal! Blogging goals for 2018

Whilst I haven’t had this blog for a long time I have learnt so much already!

One of the most important things I’ve learnt is to let your readers know who you are and I haven’t really ever done that! So today we’re going to get personal!

Hi, call me Pretty Peach! Obviously that’s not my real name. It makes it fun to have a pen name! Any who moving on. Today I wanna talk about my blogging goals so to speak.

Engage with the blogging community more.

Look being real guys I write and schedule my posts up to two months prior to them being posted. Due to this ‘set and forget’ mindset I sometimes have I can forget to engage with you guys! My goal for this year is to try to jump on the blog everyday even for ten minutes during my break at work and really explore and engage with you guys.

Grow my instagram, Tumblr and Twitter.

This sort of fits hand in hand with engaging with the blogging community. I do use tumblr and Instagram a lot but not really twitter. I want to be able to grow my online presence and work with other like minded people!

Write a collaborated blog post.

This is something I really wanted to do for a long time. A while ago I did made a lifestyle blog separate to this blog with another blogger where we planned to blog and work together on posts but sadly that never happened. I’d love to work someone since I think it would be fun! Feel free to hit me up 😉

Get better and photography!

You may have noticed that my photos are a little hit and run. I do have a digital camera but it’s so old and temperamental. When the weather is warm it won’t even turn on for some reason! (Hence some of the awful iPhone pics) my goal for this year is to invent in a better camera and develop my photography skills! Any advice would be great as well!

Write more lifestyle posts.

Whilst this is a beauty review blog I think it’s nice to break up the make up with some lifestyle tips. I think that everyone has important lifestyle tips that they can share!

My last goal is something I’m a little scared to do and that is let you guys learn more about me!

This is something I’m a little scared to do I mean my blog is new. My presence is unknown and I’m okay with that. I write for fun but would the small audience I have now want to know more about me? This is my first shot at it! Let me know how I’m going!

That’s all from me my lovely! I hope

You have a good 2018!


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