SmashBox Studio Skin Foundation

I am a big fan of Smashbox lipsticks. Always have been, always will be but I’ve never really tried anything from there range other than their lipsticks. My sister actually bought this foundation for herself but it was WAYYYY too dark for her pasty white skin. For me it was perfect. Being summer I tan (unintentionally) Like crazy! So my normal foundation is a little light for me at the moment. I think it was meant to be.


This foundation claims to be a full coverage foundation that lasts for 15 hours.  Sign me up I say. I love full coverage foundation. Sadly it is not. I’d say its more of a medium coverage foundation. To really get a full coverage from this foundation you have to pack it on which I hate doing. I want to put my full coverage foundation on and go.

The colour was perfect for my skin tone at the moment. It is slightly dark but its easily fixed with my setting powder which is one shade lighter than my skin. Winning!

DSCF7394It was a very creamy texture and when applied left a shiny look which made me panic since I don’t do shiny foundation. It also applies very darkly to the skin but once it oxidises the colour clams down and it mattifies thankfully.  I got it in the sade 2.2 which on the website looks super light but in real life is quite dark. In summer I’m normally in the medium skin tone range and this was a tad dark.


Overall once you add some setting powder, highlighter, and blush it’s a pretty good foundation. Does it last 15 hours though? Look it really doesn’t. I’ve been wearing it to work lately and I come home after a 10-hour shift and it’s gone. I also find that it moves around A LOT if you are super sweaty which is annoying. I think this foundation would be better for winter. The foundation does, however, make your skin feel super hydrated which I can never be mad at.

Coming in at $61 AUD it isn’t cheap.

The Verdict
Would I buy it again? Look it’s an okay foundation, not bad for everyday use and I will finish it, but I won’t be swapping it out for my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation anytime soon. If you want a moisturising foundation that isn’t too full coverage then this is probably for you.
That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely’s!
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