Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush

My all-time favourite beauty product that I CANNOT live without is blush. I am never red, my natural skin does not have beautiful rosy red cheeks which I LOVE!! Even when I’m wearing no makeup I will ALWAYS wear blush!

My second favourite beauty product is a highlighter, so when I found the Too Faced Sweethearts perfect flush blush I was sold.

canva-photo-editor (1).png

First of all how cute is this packaging! Its a cute pink heart for crying out loud, how can you look past it! I feel like makeup now days are made to look pretty and be photographed as well as to make you look pretty!


So this blush comes with three colours, a light pink, medium pink and dark pink. I find it looks the best with the three mixed together. Make sure to dab your brush in the product rather than swiping it because they do mix together. Whilst yes that’s how I like to wear it, I hate when products like this mix together because what if I change my mind?


The colour is beautiful! It’s not too pigmented but it is buildable! It also comes up more peachy then pink which was a big surprise! If you haven’t already worked out, peach is my favourite colour! I also found it gave a nice shimmery glow to my skin which eliminates the need for a highlighter. Let’s be real, I still add more highlighter.  It’s also a nice powder formula that is super fine and doesn’t make your pores look big. I hate when a powder blush makes my pores look big!

canva-photo-editor (3)

It also had a slight fruity smell which was really nice! I find all too faced products to smell AMAZING! One thing I dislike is that the packaging is made of cardboard so if you accidentally get it wet when travelling or you drop it your blush is 100% gone.

I found it to be super long lasting. It’s summer right now in Australia and even though the heat and me sweating like crazy ITS STILL THERE.

So how much does it cost? $34 AUD. Yep that’s right it isn’t a cheap blush but for the amount you get and the colour, I’d say its worth it!

Overall Thoughts

Would I buy it again? Yes for sure! I love the colour, I love the shimmer, It’s not too pigmented yet it’s buildable, Long lasting, nice smelling and super cute! The only thing that upsets me is that the packaging doesn’t protect it enough!

That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely’s!

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    1. I have tried it! I actually did a review on it ages ago! I like this one better though since I find with nars it’s super pigmented so if you press your brush slightly to hard you’re a pink mess. With this one however, I found that whilst pigmented it’s buildable

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