Worst Beauty Trends of 2017

Happy 2018!!! Recently I was driving home and heard on the radio the worst beauty trends of 2017, which inspired me to create my own list of what I think were the worst trends of 2017! I hope you enjoy.

1. Drawn on Freckles
I never got this trend, like people were being teased for having freckles and NOW people want them? Talk about a full 360! And they look soo fake like come on guys! This is a trend that REALLY NEEDS TO STOP. Freckles are beautiful but ONLY IF THEY ARE NATURAL!

2. Nose Hair Extensions
I’ve seen this all over youtube but it can’t seriously be a thing, can it? I mean why would you walk out of your house with NOSE HAIR extensions. Like I get that it’s all for a laugh but seriously would you walk out of your house with nose hair extensions? I sure as hell wouldn’t.


3. Squiggle Brows
I personally hate big fake brows as it is, so when my Instagram was being flooded with squiggle brows I was like nope. This brow obsession NEEDS TO STOP. Okay, big bold fake brows yeah their not my thing but they’re not that bad…squiggle brows on the other hand…come on.

4. Flare Nails
Okay, so this one made me laugh. My sister jumped on this trend and I was in disbelief. They are so impractical! I mean Long AF fake nails are already impractical AF but flare nails! There’s a whole lot going on there, not to mention how much easier it is to break a damn nail! Girl, No.


5. Using anything other than a sponge or brush to apply makeup
I’ve seen videos of makeup being applied with eggs, peaches and even a brick. There’s innovative and creative and then there is just stupid. A BRICK… Do you want even coverage or no skin! There are some great brushes and sponges on the market guys.


Shout Out to Cluam Sutherland: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtnEJ-8lZ_aJP4_8o9jIcLQ


6. Rainbow hair
I’m all for coloured hair it is my life but when I saw this rainbow hair. No. It gives people the wrong idea. First of all, your hair needs to be white. And unless your 80 years old, your hair is not fully white which means Bleach and lots of it. Do you want hair or do you want to be bald! Secondly colour does not stay that long. It’s something you need to constantly maintain and reapply. Now unless your a budding hairdresser or have the cash to splash, your colours only going to be bright for about 2-3 weeks and then FADE LIKE HELL. If you’re going to do colour stick with one colour.


7. Glitter Roots
Why. I mean It’s GOING TO BE THE WORST TO GET OUT! And it doesn’t even look cute. It looks like someones dumped glitter over your head and you were just like eh whatever. Want a hint of colour? Just dye your dam hair!

images (1).jpg


That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely xxx

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DISCLAMER: Just because I think these trends are awful doesn’t mean you have to. This post was in no way meant to hurt anyone or discriminate aganst anyone they are just my personal opnions.


7 thoughts on “Worst Beauty Trends of 2017

Add yours

  1. Omg the eyebrow trend got me so confused like why the hell would you go out with that wavy eyebrows of yours🙀 i personally dont like it, but maybe some think those were awesome? Kekeke its awkay, people have their own preferences.

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  2. A BRICK!!! NO WAY! I’m going to have to watch this one! I’ve never really followed trends in makeup (probably because I’m terrible with my hands). What do you think of the eyebrow trend where girls would feather it out? It looked so strange to me! I never saw anyone in real life rocking the eyebrows though!

    Liked by 1 person

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