Makeup & Travel- What should I pack?

Recently I just came back from a two-week interstate working trip which inspired me to write this post. When travelling anywhere, whether it be for work or for pleasure i’ve always been faced with the problem of what to bring and what not to bring. For me doing my everyday look involves a lot of time, effort and products but when your travelling you don’t really want to bring every cosmetic item you own with you. I mean the key to travelling successfully is travelling light! Here’s my tips on how to work out what to bring!


1. Accept you don’t need everything
I know it can be hard. You may fear you NEED that product. You really don’t! The key to travelling is packing light. it saves stress, time and space! What I like to do is pick out my best feature. I personally have amazing natural eyebrows which need minimal work so when I travel I won’t bring eyebrow products. If you have amazing skin then leave the foundation at home or if you have beautiful bold natural lips maybe ditch the lippy!

2. Start off by picking 3 essentials!
For me, that’s blush highlighter and lipstick. If I really have to (mainly when I’m feeling lazy) I can make my daily look out of these three items. I’m not suggesting bringing only 3 items but I found it’s a massive help to really work out what you need and what you don’t!

3. Compromise!
Pick items that you can use for more than one thing.  For example, when I travel I like to use the Too Faced Sweethearts highlighting blush since it saves time and space! Another thing I like to do is to fill in my eyebrows with mascara. For me, that works well since it just makes them look not so washed out (sounds weird I know). I have also used my blush as a basic eyeshadow and a lip colour, my bronzer as a contour, eyeshadow and you guessed it blush! Makeup is all about getting creative so try thinking outside the box!

4. Only bring a few applicators!
Brushes and sponges can take up sooooooo much room! Many times I have brought ALL my brushes and man it just took up so much space and was so time-consuming and then always having to pack them and unpack was a nightmare. What I like to do is again pick essentials. I normally apply my foundation with a brush but when I travel I bring my beauty blender. I don’t just use it to apply foundation but also to apply blush, highlighter, concealer and even eyeshadow! I also always bring the brush I would normally use for my setting powder. It’s perfect for blending my contour, blush, eyeshadow as well as for setting my makeup!

5. Relax
The most important thing is to relax. Packing can be stressful but it doesn’t need to be!

Let me know what you guys think and if you have any other tips!
That’s all from me.
Until Next time my lovely xxx
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2 thoughts on “Makeup & Travel- What should I pack?

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  1. You are right! Sometimes i bring a lot of -i think it is- necessary stuff but in the end i didnt even touch them😪

    Btw, i nominated you on Liebster Award! Please do check out my lastest Blogpost💓
    With love, Kennix

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