Too Faced Natural Matte Eyeshadow Palette

My sister has an unhealthy obsession to do with anything Too Faced. It’s all she wears so I feel as if I’m very well versed in the world of Too Faced. I often borrow her Too Faced product cause why go out and buy stuff that I know she already has!

2012-01-06 00.59.13.jpg

One thing she didn’t have was the Too Faced Natural Matte Eyeshadow Palette.  Now I’m a sucker for natural matte eyes. Its what I wear on a daily basis and being related to my Too Faced obsessed sister I thought why not so I got one for us to share.

2012-01-06 00.55.44.jpg

At first, glance opening it, it looks like a pretty user-friendly palette. It even comes with a little look card which tells you how to do the look. Great, I thought since my forte is not in eyeshadow. The colours were nice but they weren’t very pigmented at all. That’s not too bad since it is a natural palette I mean they come up natural.

I did find them to be very dusty and they moved around a lot when trying to blend which is strange since ice used other Too Faced palettes and didn’t have that problem. For someone like me who isn’t good with eyeshadow, I found them really hard to use. They are really good for a base but to create a look with them….mmm no not for me.

On the website it describes these shadows as a Rich, pigmented shadows offer true colour payoff which I found true for dark colours but for light not so much. It also states that the shadows are Luxurious, silky smooth formula blends effortlessly to an airbrushed effect. This statement I could agree with If I could actually blend them. I think for me they didn’t work due to my sheer inexperence with them so if you’re a beginner STEER CLEAR.

Coming in at $36.00 AUD their not that bad. Not the best that they have to offer compared to there other ranges but they are nice for a base and even for eyebrows (Yes I use eyeshadow for my bows. I have thick brows and don’t need much)

Final Thoughts
Price- 8/10
Rating- 6/10
Would I buy again?
Honestly right now no. Whilst they are nice for a base and are good to fill my eyebrows in I don’t think its something I really need. In the future when I hopefully get better at eyeshadows then sure I think this would be a great product but for me right now no. it’s just not for me.

Also if anyone has any eyeshadow tips PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I’m very challenged when it comes to doing anything other than a basic smokey eye, even then its a hit or miss haha.

That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely xxx.


Get it here
Get it here



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