Original Scource- The Best Smelling Body Wash On The Market!

Original Source body wash is probably my favourite thing at the moment. They are cheap, pretty, smell good and leave your skin feeling super soft! There all natural and Vegan making it perfect for everyone. Coming in at $10AUD they are a bargain!

They so far have 17 different body washes, 3 Shower milk’s, 3 Shower Moisturisers, 2 Body scrubs and 1 hand wash.

Whilst I haven’t tried all of them I have tried the Mango, Vanilla & Raspberry, Lime, Mint and coconut body washes, the lime & coconut and sweet apple & vanilla shower milk, the Blood orange scrub and the Black current shower moisturiser. To make this post easier ill break up the review into 3 different sections.

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Body Wash
Each body wash has a strong unique scent, that good that you just want to eat it! I found that the Mango and the Lime made me feel really refreshed after using them. The Mint, however, left a tingly sensation all over my skin. ALSO, DO NOT WASH YOUR LADY PARTS WITH MINT. Need I say more. The Vanilla & Raspberry made me break out in a rash and so did the coconut. Overall if you’re going to go for a body wash try the Lime or the Mango, they smell and feel amazing!

Shower Milk
The apple and vanilla shower milk was AMAZING. It was super hydrating and left my skin feeling super soft. It was thin and milky in texture and didn’t really foam up like soap. The smell was interesting. It smelled sweet and sour which was kind of strange.

Body Scrub
The Blood orange body scrub smells like heaven, the only issue is it was a really rough gel and irritated my skin due to the sheer rough nature of it. My skin is very sensitive so I think that’s the only reason why it irritated my skin which is a shame since the smell of this product was my favourite of them all.

Shower Moisturiser
I found the black current Shower moisturiser to be more like a combo of the shower milk and shower gel. It smelt very sweet like ribina but I didn’t notice any extra moisturising since this range is already pretty moisturising.

Overall Thoughts
Would I buy it again? I’d most definitely use the Lime and the Mango body was again. In all honesty, I use the lime one pretty much every day. As for the shower milk, body scrub and shower moisturisers there pretty good but my favourite is the body washes.

Until next time my lovely’s!

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