The Art Of Wellbeing

Hey guys, Just another lifestyle post.  This one is really important to me.

A few months ago whilst I was in the city for my exams I stumbled across this cute little cafe. This cafe was in a loft type building and was full of books and records for sale. That’s where I found this gem. The Art Of Wellbeing by Meridith Gaston.


This book is BEAUTIFUL. All the illustrations have been done by Meridith herself and are in watercolour. I looooveeeee watercolour so as soon as I saw the cover of the book I was interested.

I’m the worst when it comes to self-care. I hate spoiling myself and I’m the worst at relaxing. I also don’t really think too much about the foods I eat which I know, isn’t good.

Reading this book has really opened up my eyes to the importance of self-care. My favourite quote from the book is “Self-care is not selfish it is essential kindness and compassion towards yourself that we all need.”


This book is broken up too 4 parts-Energise, Comfort, Nourish and Blossom, each with medication tips, visualisation activities, recipes and more. I found it very relaxing to read due to all the pretty pictures!!

This is a must read if you’re a highly stressed, highly busy person like I am. It really teaches you how to enjoy life to the fullest whilst taking time out to care for yourself.

Coming in at $30 its well worth the money!!! Meridith also has a few other books that I’m so excited to check out!!

you can buy it from Meridiths website!
Get it here

If you guy’s have read it let me know in the comments!!!

Until Next time my lovely!!
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