Review: Frank Body Coconut Coffee Scrub

Isn’t coffee great? Not only is it good to drink it’s also great for your skin. Frank started in Australia in 2013 and has been taking the world by storm ever since! An all natural coffee scrub with special combinations like coconut and cacao it’s an exciting way to exfoliate

My all-time favourite is the coconut coffee scrub! Infused with coconut oil it leaves your skin feeling super soft.

To use it I recommend being in the shower since it gets SO MESSY! I like to slightly wet it with some water so it sticks to my body but you can also just wet yourself then scrub. As well as helping exfoliate your skin it also helps fade stretchmarks!!! I use to have really purple stretch marks that would sometimes even bleed, on the back of my knees due to extream weight fluctuations and this product combined with bio oil (which I’ll talk about in my next blog post). Thanks to Frank ( and bio-oil) you’d never know I even had stretch marks!!!!

Coming in at $19AUD for a 200g bag that’s a pretty good deal!

Overall Thoughts
Price – 
Rating- 9/10
Would I buy again? Yeah for sure! I know I could probably DIY this but I don’t feel it would have the same stretch mark combating effect! They also have a whole other range of products that I have high hopes for! The only reason this product doesn’t have a 10 is that it’s so messy!

Until next time my lovely xxx
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