The Korean Beauty Series. Part 3. MakeUp!

Hi all back with the 3rd part of the Korean Beauty Series. If you want to see parts 1 and 2 Click here:

So this time ill be talking about Korean Make up!

Korean beauty trends are quite different from the western way of things. Their beauty trends focus on naturally enhancing your features. In this post ill be talking more about some of these trends!

Dewy Skin
Most Western makeup looks aim for a flawless matte finish to hide redness and blemishes whilst looking flawless. This is not the case for Koreans. Dewy skin = Fresh and rested looking skin. Aiming to make their skin look flawless whilst keeping it natural looking dewy skin is a great way to achieve that. The easiest way to achieve that is through the use of an Air Cushion! Most are full of SPF 50+ acting as extra protection for your skin!

Stright eyebrows
Western Make up is all about the Big bold brow! Personally, I prefer to keep my brows looking natural and so do the Koreans! Rather than creating a high arch, the Koreans fall for straight eyebrows! Some even going as far as counselling there own eyebrows glueing them down and drawing on eyebrows at the edge to create a straighter look! This creates a youthful, sweet yet natural looking brow!


Puppy eyeliner
The idea behind Puppy eyeliner is to make the eyes look bigger. In Korea, big doll-like eyes are seen as desirable but also looking natural is their goal, the puppy eye was created. What puppy eyeliner is a thin clean sweep at the top of the eye sticking close to the upper eyelash line but instead of extending out like a cat following the shape of the eye downwards to give the illusion of big doll-like eyes

Image from:

Orange Blush
Wait did you say ORANGE blush? I did! So this one is a bit of a lie. When I say orange they mean a coral orange or peachy orange not orange like an orange. The Koreans think that these colours make you look more youthful and really allow your complexion to pop whilst maintain again that natural glow about you!

tumblr_op261etEQU1tdjy6po1_1280 (1).jpg
Image from:

Gradient lips
Gradient lips are often done with a nice deep peach or pink. Rather than putting that colour all over your lip and making it look unnatural a gradient lip helps maintain that natural feel whilst having a pop of colour on your lip! Put the colour in the centre and blend out!

Image from :

I personally am in LOVE with these trends and I can see why they are popular! These are good for the days when you just want a natural look and they are so darn easy to do!!!

I hope you liked this post! The last of this series will be about the Korean beauty products I tried and tested throughout this process!

Until next time my lovely xxx.
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  1. TIL I’ve been unintentionally doing Korean-style makeup all along, haha! I think it’s the brows that really make or break the look. Oh, and btw I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award~ ミ☆

    Liked by 1 person

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