The Korean Beauty Series. Part 2. Sheet Masks

Hey guys! This is the 2nd Part in the Korean Beauty and Skincare series I’m doing. Korean women are known for there radiant skin and natural beauty looks. Inspired but that and a little curious I set out on my own Korean beauty and skincare adventure.

So I found that a big part of the Korean Skincare regime is Sheet Face Masks so I thought it deserved its own blog post.

Continuing with my experimentation in Korean beauty and skincare and knowing that a sheet face mask is essential I went out in search of my own Korean facemasks. Being in the City of Melbourne I was sure I could find a Korean beauty shop and it just so happens I did.

The Face Shop everyone!  Admittedly I had a little giggle since its name is quite similar to the famous ‘The Body Shop”.  Don’t let the name make you laugh tho, let me tell you it was AMAZING.

They had soo many amazing skincare products but the main thing they sold were sheet masks which was perfect since that was what I was looking for.

Each sheet mask was $3AUD or 10 for $25AUD… so It’s fair to say I bought A LOT. I tried to get 10 different ones which weren’t too hard to accomplish.

I got the Lemon mask, Cucumber mask, Pomegrantit mask, Mung Bean mask, Bamboo Mask, Olive Mask, Avacado mask, Aleo Mask, Honey mask and Acai Berry Mask.  So I haven’t tried them all but the ones I have tried I really liked.

The ones I used were:

The Mung Bean Mask: Leaves skin clean and clear
The Lemon Mask: Brightens your complexion giving it a radiant glow
The Aleo Mask: Soothes skin
The Honey Mask: Nourishes Skin

All 4 masks did as they promised which I was so happy about. I think that the benefit of these 1 use masks are you can buy a whole range of them for cheap and use them for different skin problems you may face since not everyone has just 1 thing wrong with there skin.

Overall Thoughts
Price- 10/10
Rating- 9/10
Would I buy again?- 
Hell Yeah!! I love how versatile they are and how they cater to all skin types! I cant wait to try the other ones I bought!

Stay tuned for Part 3. Makeup.

Until next time my lovely xxx

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