Dry, Lifeless Hair? I got you covered!

To me, there is nothing worse than dry lifeless hair. I find that my hair gets super dry and dull after I’ve travelled since I can’t bring all my hair care goodies with me. Recently I just came back from a big boat cruise and whilst the sea air did well for my skin my hair was hating it!

After I travel anywhere or dye my hair for that matter I have a little routine that I like to follow to get my hair back to its usual shine and bounce. Whilst it does take a few days I definitely see and feel the difference in my hair. I hope these tips help you guys too!


Wash your hair differently!

For me after a long trip or a fresh do my ends get very very dry and my roots are super oily since their trying to compensate. It gets that bad for me that if I don’t wash my roots every day it looks like my hair is yet, but if I wash my hair every day my ends just frizz up and look dead. The solution? Shampoo your roots only!!!! It may sound weird but really you don’t need to shampoo all of your hair all the time. Since I have to wash my hair every second day as it is I try to only wash all of my hair every 4th day and wash the roots in between. When I come back from a trip it’s a little different. I like to only wash my roots for about a week. I also use conditioner on my ends every wash. I also recommend using a high-quality shampoo and conditioner made for moisture. I use the  Silk Oil of Morocco intense shampoo and conditioner set which you can get here: https://goo.gl/XALfxL

Do a deep conditioning!

For me personally, I hate hair masks I find they make my hair look really oily. What I like to do instead is use a really high-quality conditioner, Put it in my hair DRY then chuck on a shower cap and let it sit for about an hour or so. Again I like to use the Silk Oil of Morocco intense conditioner since I feel it works really well. It’s my “reserved for a special occasion” set since it works so well.

Don’t use hot water, hair dryers, curlers or straighteners!

I know I know it sounds like a challenge but trusts me your hair will thank you. Going just week without applying any form of heat will leave it to rejuvenate and recover. You’ll notice the difference in just a few days. Your hair also becomes really smooth and shiny!

Leave in conditioner is your best friend!

This is my life savour. I like to apply it twice. Once when my hair is wet and once again when my hair is dry just for that added moisture. The one I use- Silk oil of Morocco (no this is not sponsored I just love the brand) is a real heavy duty spray and instantly it makes my hair feel lush and soft. You can get it here: https://goo.gl/8NYfXu

Hair oil, Lots of hair oil!

Yes, most people use hair oil when styling but I find that it really helps add moisture to your ends. DONT add it to your hair on the days that you don’t wash it though. I find it works best after you’ve washed it and applied to damp hair otherwise your ends will look super oily. I use the Chi silk infusion hair oil. You can get it here: https://goo.gl/JE8rTQ

Dry Shampoo…

That’s right dry shampoo! When your hair is dull, dry and flat you’re gonna need a quick pick me up. I find a lot of volume sprays or creams very drying and when your hair is already dry it’s not the best idea. When my hair is dry and dull and I need some volume I like to spray some dry shampoo on my ends and fluff it up. It adds a whole heap of volume with little drying effect. Now not all dry shampoos will do this but the brand I use, Bastie  (which I did a review on here: https://goo.gl/AmrLQd ) works wonders for this.

The last, and most important tip… Don’t brush your hair wet.

Whilst you shouldn’t be doing this anyways since its quite damaging, who has time to wait. I find that your hair recovers faster if you let it dry naturally and don’t brush it when wet but admittedly it is difficult to do since it takes so dam long. If you really can’t wait just give it a good GENITAL towel dry and brush with a wide tooth comb but ideally you’d want to let it dry naturally before brushing.

That’s all from me. I hope these tips help.
Until Next time my lovely xxx

Get it here

Silk Oil of Morocco intense shampoo and conditioner: https://goo.gl/XALfxL
Silk Oil of Morocco Leave in conditioner: https://goo.gl/8NYfXu
Chi silk infusion hair oilL https://goo.gl/JE8rTQ


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