Vitamasque Bamboo Charchole Sheet Mask

Hey guys!

Korean Sheet Masks. We all know about them. We all Love them. But are they worth it? I was lucky enough to receive the Vitasource Bamboo Charchole Sheet Mask in my November bellabox.

Admittedly this isn’t the first time I’ve used a Korean style sheet mask but it is the first time I’ve used one form Vitamasque. Vitamasque has a collection of 19 masks, ranging from sheet masks to sleeping masks to rinse off masks.

This mask is a 3 layer mask….I’m not sure what it means and I couldn’t really find out but cool! It claims to be able to detoxify my skin whilst tightening my pores. Pretty big claims if you ask me.

The packet said to leave it on for 20 minutes! Man, I don’t have time for that. But I did it. The mask itself was very Thick which is maybe what they meant by 3 layers and dyed black. It was drenched in the liquid which had a strong floral smell which was nice at first but got very sickening after 20 minutes. The serum was thick and sticky but ti absorbed into my skin well. It was very refreshing and slightly tingly but not in a bad way.

It did, however, leave my skin very red and itchy afterwards. So if you have sensitive skin steer clear!

Retailing at $6 A mask it isn’t cheap if you think about it. I mean it’s only a 1 time use mask.

Final Thoughts
Price- 4/10
Rating- 2/10
Would I buy it again? No, I wouldn’t. My skin is way to sensitive to handle it but the smell is too hard to handle!

That’s all from me.

Until Next time my lovely xxx

                                       Get it here


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