John Freida Beach Blonde Cool Dip Purafying Shampoo

I’m a sucker for a quality shampoo but I Hate spending big! My all-time favourite shampoo costs waaaaay too much to buy all the time so at the moment I’ve resorted to a cheap $2 brand that has amazing results. (See my post on it here

When I received the Beach Blonde cool dip purifying shampoo in the November bellabox I was excited but a little sad since I have medium brown hair and this shampoo. as I thought by the name, was designed for blondes only. I was wrong. This shampoo is also designed for browns like so I was happy.

So with my hair, I get very oily roots but my ends are pretty good. I find that some shampoos make my hair to oily whilst others leave my hair looking dull and flat. This shampoo promises to get your hair ‘beach ready effortlessly’ whatever that means. I know for me personally, whenever I go to the beach my hair feels like straw from the salt water so maybe they mean intense hydration? Who knows!


The formula was a very thin gel-like consistency that’s bright green in colour. It had a strong minty smell and made my scalp feel very fresh. Even after I got out of the shower my head felt minty fresh as if I washed it with toothpaste which I actually really enjoyed.

I accidentally got it in my eyes and it actually didn’t even hurt at all. It just made my eyes feel miny af which I oddly enjoyed.

Once my hair dried it was very soft and hydrated but wasn’t oily at all. It was also very volumised which made me feel very happy since my hair didn’t look like a mop on my head it actually looked like well hair.

It also lathered up really well too and got super thick. I never feel like my hair is properly washed unless the shampoo is nice and thick and soapy. I dunno are other people like that?

Overall I thought it was a good product! Coming in at $15AUD it’s not expensive but it isn’t as cheap as my $2 shampoo.

Final Thoughts
Price- 7/10
Rating- 8/10
Would I buy it again?
In all honesty, I probably wouldn’t buy it again.  I can get the same results from my usual $2 Shampoo. I do however love the smell and the minty feel of this shampoo, something my usual shampoo doesn’t give me since its fragrance-free!

That’s all from me.
Until next time my lovely xxx.

Get it here


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