Is this possibly the best concealer out there?

Everyone who ever wore makeup knows that the key to flawless looking skin is a good concealer. Wheather you use it to lighten your dark circles under your eyes or to hide the redness in your skin I’ve found the be all end all of concealers.

That’s right guys I have found the key to your flawless skin. Anastasia Beverly Hills Concealer. It comes in not 1 not 2 but 15 different shades ranging from the whitest of the white for all you pale girls to a beautiful deep brown for all my tanned girls out there.

2012-01-06 22.15.55

I picked up the shade “3.5” since in all honesty, I was in a rush, it was boxing day and I was in Sephora so didn’t really test the shade since it was CRAZY in there. I could probably use a “3” but I found it to be slightly too dark for me in winter but in summer it is perfect. It is very thick and creamy but it isn’t heavy. It’s highly pigmented which is good since it hides EVERYTHING but I highly recommend actually getting the right colour before you buy it.

A little really goes a long way and its easily blended out. I also find it sets really well with press power. When I use it in winter when its slightly too dark I put some light press powder on it and it blends out perfectly. It doesn’t really have a scent which I like.

It’s very hydrating and  super super long lasting so you’re going to need some good make up wipes to get it off at the end of the day.

Coming in at $39AUD it is a little pricey for a small pot of concealer but I use it every day and have for almost a year and I still have over half left!

Overall Thoughts
Price: 7/10
Would I buy again? 
Yes, I definitely would but I think I’ll go a shade lighter next time!

Buy it here:


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