Revlon’s ColourBurst Matte Balm. Yay or nay?

I’m all about matte lips lately but it’s hard to find a matte lipstick that is long lasting and not drying! I heard about Revlon’s ColourBurst from my cousin so I went out and gave it a go.


Available in 8 Shades of pink I was a little let down since all I had to choose from was pink, pink and pink. LLuckilypink works well on me but it’s kind of a let down if pink does not suit you.

I did swatch all (forgot to take a pic) and found that only two really stood out to me, the rest I felt was kind of similar. I picked up the Standout (shade 270) and Enchanting (shade 225).


They were both very creamy in texture when first applied and slowly dried matte but they didn’t dry my lips out surprisingly! They were very velvety in colour and lasted quite a while but I did find it coming off if I ate or drank anything.

They both come in a large crayon shape and don’t need sharpening which is cool. It also made it easy to apply with precision thanks to the crayon like shape. You do get a fair bit of product to which is a bonus! A little more than a lipstick.

DO NOT LEAVE IT IN YOUR BAG ON A HOT DAY THOUGH! mine somewhat melted and lost its shape which was really upsetting but it still does its job.

At $24 AUD there a pretty cheap matte lip balm.

Overall thoughts.
Would I buy again? Look in all honesty if they came out with more colours other than pink I’d probably stock up. But I do really enjoy shade 225 and wear it almost every day so as much as I want to say no due to its sheer lack of colour it is super moisturising and does look pretty good so yeah id most likely buy that one shade again. Contradicting right!

Until next time my lovely xxx

Buy it here:


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