Batiste, Australias No. 1 Dry Shampoo…Why is it No.1?

Dry Shampoo. This amazing innovation claims to clean your hair without the use of water. When I first heard about dry shampoo I was very sceptical. As someone with oily as hell hair who needs to wash her hair almost every day, I was like there is no way that this stuff will work.

Admittedly I never really bothered to try dry shampoo until the start of this year. I thought I’d pick up Bastie as it claims to be Australia’s number 1 dry shampoo brand. Great, I thought. This will probably work if it’s Australias number 1 brand right?

I followed the instructions, Held it 30cm away from my roots, sprayed let it sit, rubbed it around then brushed it out. Did it help? A little but not enough to make me go without washing my hair for a day sadly. You could tell that my hair was still super oily which was a big disappointment.


It did, however, give my hair great texture and volume. I have very thin boring hair. I find that whilst it isn’t great for my oily ass hair it does, however, make me look like I have thick luscious hair!

I found out that they have a texture spray and a volume spray which I definitely will be trying in the future. At the moment I use the dry shampoo’s to add volume to my ponytail when I go to work, which I know is not its intended use but why the hell not!

They all smell pretty amazing. At the moment I am using Eden which is a honeysuckle smell. It smells so fresh and I find the fragrance stays in my hair almost all day which I kind of like. It’s almost like a perfume for your hair in a way.

Coming in at $8AUD they are super affordable too which is what I like.

Final Thoughts
Rating- 7/10
Would I buy again? Whilst it doesn’t do what it’s meant to do for me I do find that I love the texture and volume it gives me so I will definitely be buying it again!

Until next time my lovely xxx

Buy it here:


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