The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector. A True life Saver for hard-working hands!

Everyone gets dry hands from time to time. Whether it’s from hard work or too much weight lifting its a common problem that no one likes! For me, when I was working in a bar I would always get cracked hands from the Yeast in the Beer. Now I work in a cafe and find that whilst my hands have improved, the fact that my hands are exposed to high heat and a lot of hot water they are still suffering.

I actually stumbled upon this product by accident. I was purchasing a friend a gift from the body shop when they gave me a free sample of the Hemp Hand Protector. I was originally going to add it to my friend’s gift but something made me try it. I’m not really one for hand creams but I’m so glad I gave it a go.


It is thick but doesn’t leave your hands feeling greasy. It absorbs super fast and has a super nice smell, almost floral. I find that it works instantly too. I get a lot of dry skin around my nail beds but after using this NO MORE!!!

Coming in at $10AUD for 30ml or $20AUD for 100ml it’ss an amazing steel. I have them in both sizes since the 30ml one is perfect to bring to work.

Final Thoughts
Rating- 1000000/10. Is that allowed?
Would I buy again? YES YES YES this is the best hand cream out there and it’s soooo cheap! If you have dry hands YOU NEED THIS PRODUCT.

Until next time my lovely xxx

Buy it here-


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