The Silk Oil of Morocco Pure Argan oil for Lush Hair and Soft Skin

Ever wondered how to get beautifully silky hair or amazingly soft skin? Wonder no more because I have found the secret to both and it comes in two handy little bottles!

The Silk Oil of Morocco Pure Argan oil and the Silk Serum are truly a godsend! Made from an Australian company and not a Moroccan company its super easy for me to get my hands on!

The Silk Serum comes in a 125ml Bottle whilst the Pure Argan oil comes in a little 100ml bottle and let me tell you they don’t come cheap.  This duo costs a whopping $124 AUD. Ouch.


But for what you pay it is pretty amazing. The Silk Serum I use every day. Its perfect for both your hair and skin. As someone who has heavily dyed hair, my hair is admittedly quite dry. After a shower whilst my hair is still wet I rub a little bit of this stuff on and BAM instant hydration. When my hair drys it’s super soft and shiny! Oh, and it smells AMAZING.

The silk serum also works wonders on your face. massage it onto the dry areas of your face and I guarantee you that your face will feel softer than a baby’s butt!

The Pure Argan Oil, or as I like to call it liquid gold is the best thing I’ve ever used. Whenever my skin is looking dull, or I have a break out I pop a little bit of this stuff on and overnight my skin is looking flawless. This stuff smells a little funky but boy oh boy does it work wonders.

Overall Thoughts
Rating- 10/10
Would I buy again?- Yes for sure. Whilst it is quite costly you definitely get what you pay for. I have used this duo every day for the last 6 months and still have a little less than half of the stuff left. A little does go a long way.

Until next time my lovely xxx


Buy it here:



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