Nars Blush- Is it worth buying?

Nars Blush is the bomb right now. Super Pigmented, long lasting, beautiful glow, whats not to love about them! Even better they come in a massive  33 different shades!!! Yes, girl, that’s right there’s a shade out there for you!

2012-01-06 00.43.42.jpg

at $45 AUD they aren’t too bad, but they are more expensive than your good old drugstore brand so I only picked up two shades. I got Outlaw and Orgasm since pinks like that are the most flattering on my skin tone.

2012-01-06 00.45.18.jpg

Overall I found them super pigmented and long lasting which is what you want if you’re spending a bit of money on it!

On top: outlaw.On bottom: orgasm

As you can see in the picture Orgasm has a nice shimmer to it so it really brings out a natural glow feel to your skin when you wear it.

Be careful when applying it cause it’s easy to grab too much product and look like a pink mess. Trust me I do it more often than not.

Overall Thoughts
Rating- 9/10
Would I buy it again? I would! I’d love to experiment with there purple and brown shades!
Until next time my lovely xxx


Get it here:


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