Kerastase Paris Elixir Ultimate Bi-Phase Spray

Hey, guys here’s another October BellaBox item review and it’s probably my favourite item from the October box!

The Kerastase Paris Elixir Ultimate Bi-Phase Spray! This Bi phase spray is said to be Formulated with beautiful precious oils. This Bi-Phase spray claims to gives life to wet or dry hair creating pure shine and volume to dull looking hair.

My hair is what I like to call Spaghetti hair! Thin, Boring, Dull, Lifeless. It needs all the help it can get that’s why I was excited to try this product.

It’s very thin and sprays on super well not leaving your hair all wet and gross. It dries almost instantly to which is a bonus! I tried it on both wet and dry hair on a number of occasions and it worked well.

The first time I tried it on wet hair. I used it in combination with my Silk of Morocco conditioning spray and volume spray (kind of a habit for me since I use these two products almost every day). I found that it really helped to control frizziness and all my little flyaways and dried with heaps of moisture and volume and a fair bit of shine. In all honesty, I wasn’t sure if it was cause I used all these products all together so I tried it again this time on its own.

Again with wet hair, I sprayed it on and the results were great! Whilst I didn’t get as much volume but the shine was incredible!!!

I also tried it on dry hair and I found that it really helped control my little flyaways and provided my hair with a fair bit of moisture which was a surprise!

This item retails at $60AUD.

Overall Thoughts
Price- 3/10
Rating- 8/10
Would I buy again?
Yeah, I probably would. Whilst it’s pretty pricey and the bottle isn’t that big it does everything it promises! It really helps my spaghetti hair look presentable!

Until next time my lovely xxx

Buy it here: Or


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