Get Organised! The Uni Edition!

Starting University can be pretty scary regardless if you come straight from high school or have had a long break from study!

Everything can seem new and daunting at university. A new campus, new people, new classes, new found freedom. It can be quite overwhelming. The most important thing is to stay organised and remember why you are there.

Heres a few tips on how to stay organised at Uni!

Keep a Planner!
A planner that is small enough to fit in a bag will work wonders since you’ll be able to carry it around wherever you go. Uni can get pretty hectic and it can be easy to forget an important deadline. Keep a planner on you at all times so you can jot down important dates and things you need to do!


Keep a Calander in your room or where you plan to study the most!
Make sure to write down all your deadlines and keep them in the room you plan on studying in the most. Whilst you also have a planner for this, you may forget to check it, that’s why its good to have an in your face visual of whats due when that way you’ll never forget!

Type notes rather than writing them!
In a lecture, things move pretty fast so handwritten notes can get pretty unorganised and messy. I recommend investing in a laptop and typing your lecture notes that way they will be neat and you can organise them any way you like.


Colour code notes!
Colour code it by class or by importance. When exam time comes it will make it so much easier to find what you need to review.


Last of all make an Exam Revision Plan day 1.
What I like to do is to make an exam book focusing on all the learning outcomes outlined in my course outline. I do this day 1 so when exam time comes I’m not organizing all my notes like everyone else. I can just go and study them. (I’ll be posting about an Exam book in the coming posts.)

I hope these tips help and good luck with your studies.

Pretty Peach xoxo


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