My Daily Routine- The key to getting rid of adult acne.

Get ready guys this is going to be a long post but worth it for all you guys who have suffered from adult acne!!

I’ve suffered from adult acne for 3 years now and found it quite embarrassing! Whilst every other 20 something around my age has the flawless skin I’m looking like I’m going through puberty!

I never really had a proper skincare routine nor did I really care for my skin much which is how I got adult acne! My main issue is red pigmentation and scaring due to the acne which is really hard to beat. After going to countless day spas and dermatologists and 100’s of dollars spent on products that burnt my skin I’d made it worse, I did some research of my own and worked out my own personal skincare routine which is working wonders on my skin!

A little bit about my skin

My skin is very oily around the cheeks nose and chin. It also gets very dry under my eyes and is EXTREMELY sensitive.

My daily routine is based off the popular Korean routine renown for its crazy amount of steps! I also only do this routine ONCE a day since my skin is so damn sensitive. I choose to do it at night before bed since that’s when the body repairs itself.

All the items in my daily routine

STEP 1. Get that makeup off!

I often use Marcella cleansing water to get off all that makeup and gunk that was built up over the day. Sometimes if I’m lazy tho I will use warm water and hot towel to wash it off and steam my face

STEP 2. Cleanse using a deep cleaning cleanser.

This is where you will need to invest in a good product. Your cleanser is the key to clear skin. I found with me most chemist brands were too harsh on my skin so I opted for natural options. For a while, I was using the French clay cleanser by bee beauty (an all organic natural handmade Australian beauty company) but it was quite hard to use since the cleanser only came in a block of soap. I now use REN evercalm cleansing milk which is much cheaper, also natural and super deep cleaning whilst being soft on my delicate skin!

STEP 3- Exfoliate

I do this every third day. I change between Frank coffee coconut body scrub or the polishing scrub from bee beauty. I find that natural products work best for me since my skin is so sensitive despite the product being really rough.


All up I do a face mask 4 times a week. I multi-mask using the L’Oréal pure clay masks three times a week to brighten my complexion, detox and exfoliate and I use the mask of magnaminty by Lush once a week for a super deep clean. I find with face masks they are very important but if it’s too strong for your skin it will just make it worse. Also when you first start to use a face mask you will break out more but that’s the mask pulling out the impurity from your skin. Stick at it and you’ll be thankful!

STEP 5. fix that redness!

Redness is what makes acne stand out so of course, you want to reduce it. I started off using a whitening cream from the body shop called drops of light which helped but made my skin itchy. I then was using Aleo Vera gel from my Aleo Vera plant outside but that’s really messy and is quite annoying to do every night yet it needs to be done. I now use the Ren evercalm anti-redness serum which really works wonders!

STEP 6- Moisturise

This step is the only thing I do morning and night. I often moisturise before putting makeup on! The key is to use a soothing moisturiser. I use two different bands. In the morning I use the body shop Aleo Vera day cream. On the days my face is really dry which is rear but does happen I use the body shop Aleo Vera night cream in the morning! At night I use the Ren evercalm day cream. I find it works better at night since it really helps to soothe my skin.

STEP 7- Sunscreen

Wait did you say sunscreen before bed?! I did. Sunscreen has many benefits other than protecting your skin from the sun. It’s great for anti ageing and for pigmentation! I use sunscreen twice a day over my moisturiser. Make sure to get a sunscreen meant for your face only that says something like acne free. I use the Neutrogena clear face break out prone sunscreen.

STEP 8- Oils

Oils are essential to help clear acne. You may think that oil will make your already oily skin worse but it does quite the opposite. It adds nutrients to your skin. I use two different oils. I use bio oil to help get rid of the scaring and pigmentation on my skin and I also use silk of Morocco pure argon oil for softness. I often use the silk of Morocco pure argon oil first since it’s quickly absorbed into the skin then put the bio oil on top!

*the most important step* STEP 9- Go straight to bed!

I do this routine right before I sleep and I find the secret ingredient is sleep! It’s good to sleep why all that good stuff is being absorbed into your face and skin since that is when your body repairs itself! It only makes sense to do your skincare routine right before you sleep to help aid the body’s natural healing process

And that’s it! Remember that acne does not define you and you’re still beautiful regardless. I really hope these steps help you as much as they helped me!! Check out the results below. These results are after 4 months of following this routine.

Until next time my lovely xxx

Get some of the items mentioned in this blog here.
Ren evercalm kit-
Drops of light, Aleo Vera day cream, aleo Vera Night cream
Bio Oil:
Silk of Morocco Pure argon oil:
Bee Beauty Polishing scrub and Bee Beauty French claycleanser


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