October BellaBox!!!

Sorry about the surprise post but I was just too excited!

Bellabox is an Australian subscription Beauty Box that sends you 5+ Full sized beauty products each month!!! Best of all ITS ONLY $17 AUD PER MONTH!

I’ve known about this box for a while but was never really brave enough to give it a go. I mean it sounded too good to be true! It was only when a good friend of mine got one as a gift I was like Hell yeah!!!

And thus it begins. My BellaBox journey. I just received my first box today and was so excited that I just had to share it with you guys!!


This month I was lucky enough to get a heap of stuff that I will be reviewing at some point on the blog!

This months theme was beauty tricks and tricks (obv a play on Halloween)


In the October box I got:
Models own chrome eyeshadow kit valued at $19.95.
Kerastase Paris Elixir Ultimate Bi-Phase Spray oil valued at $59.95.
Swisse/Hyaluro-Natural Moisturising Facial serum valued at $29.95.
Olive Oil Skincare Company Hand Cream valued at $12.99.
Natures Commonscence soap bar in coconut valued at $2.00.
And a bonus sample of the Nude by Nature Flawless liquid foundation!!

I’mm super excited to try these products out and let you know what they’re like!


Get it here: https://bellabox.com.au

Header Image from: http://www.subscriptionbox.com.au/bellabox.html


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