The Perfect Way to get long lasting Pink Hair. Dare Hair Review

I’ve been experimenting recently with my hair. I had blonde dip-dyed hair for ages and was getting kind of sick of it. I’d never tried an unnatural colour since I was a little scared to. I also didn’t want to damage my hair!

I found out about this product called Dare.  It’s a rinse out hair tint that lasts between 10-30 washes. Cool, I thought so I gave it a shot.  The bottle said to leave it in for 30 Minutes then rinse it out but I found that it worked better leaving it on for an hour or two.


The colour pay off was AMAZING and it lasted WEEKS. It also left my hair feeling really healthy which I was surprised at. I was expecting my hair to become really dry! I only needed 1/4th of the bottle too to do half my hair which is great!!!

Coming in at only $20AUD It’s a bargain!!

I found that the colour stayed super vibrant for a good two weeks and lasted about 5 weeks before my hair turned back to blonde. It’s better to not wash your hair to much but if your anything like me and need to wash your hair pretty much everyday then it will fade faster. I found that if you wash your hair in cold water and use conditioner first then shampoo the colour will stay in soo much longer and will leave your hair looking really healthy!

Overall Thoughts.
Rating- 10/10
Would I buy it again? I’m already on my 4th bottle!

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