Lip De-Luscious- Mecca’s 20th Birthday!!

Guys, it’s Mecca’s 20th birthday and to celebrate they have launched there limited edition Mecca20 exclusives! Depending on what level your membership is with mecca depends on what exclusive gift you’ll get.

I went in the other day to get some more skincare products and that’s how I actually found out about this promotional offer so I was all for it. I mean who doesn’t love free stuff!

I got the Mecca Cosmetica, Lip -DeLuscious SPF 25 Lip balm in the shade Peach Shimmer. If you haven’t already worked out I love pinks and peaches when it comes to makeup.




The lip De-Luscious claims to protect, hydrate and conditions lips with the added benefits of, shea butter, Hyaluronic filling spears, Pomegranate seed oil and Vitamin E.

When you first open it up its this beautiful vibrant peachy pink so I kind of assumed it would be pigmented. Sadly it’s not which was a little bit of a let down since the colour was so pretty!

It has a strong peachy smell funnily enough but was not flavoured which is good. There’s nothing worse than a flavoured lip balm in my opinion.

I found it was very thick and sticky and when applied felt very sticky like glue which was odd! Once it kind of settled into my lips that’s when the magic happened. My lips felt smooth and super soft and PLUMP! I’m blessed with thicker lips, and this product just made them POP.

Hours later my lips still felt super soft, hydrated and plump! It was great. Retailing at $30AUD, I was amazed that they gave me a free full sized one!

Final Thoughts
Price- 10/10, I mean it was a free gift!
Rating- 9/10
Would I buy again? Yes for sure! This one is limited edition sadly but Lip De-Luscious do have other types of this product. They have the plain product similar to this but I think is red and isn’t peach scented and they also have a tinted range to that I will definitely be checking out!

Get it here:


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