The hype behind Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty

Who doesn’t love Lush? Curley free and all natural they are a perfect go-to company of mine. Their range of bath bombs are to die for but what about there skin care? I picked myself up the Mask of Magnamity (self-preserving) to give it a shot.

This mask is a little different from there fresh face masks. I can last about 2-3 months and doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge like their other fresh face masks. Its made with all natural ingredients including mint, kaolin, and aduki beans. This mask aims to create radiant skin but beware its a once a week only mask due to its powerful nature.

For someone with sensitive skin like me, I was a little worried that the mint would burn my skin but I was wrong. Whilst it does feel tingly it provides a cool refreshing feel to my skin, perfect for hot summer days. It’s thick and chunky and a little hard to apply and spread and feels very oily.

Once washed off it leaves your skin feeling cool and refreshed. I found it was very deep cleaning to and really cleaned out all my pores!

Sadly if you don’t use it all in the recommended time it gets very hard, dry and clumpy and doesn’t really work which is kind of a disappointment since its suggested to use once a week.

Coming in at $17 AUD for 125g or $36AUD for 315g it’s a pretty good buy. I do recommend however to buy the 125g since it doesn’t last as long as other brands of face masks.

– 8/10
Overall Review- 7/10
Would I buy it again?
Maybe in summer since it provides a cooling effect. It did clean my skin but I didn’t really notice any overall difference in my skin.

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