Organic Care Shampoo and Conditiner

I may have accidentally stumbled on the best beauty find IN THE WORLD! Organic Care Shampoo and Conditioner! These guys are all natural, environmentally friendly and have been around since the 1950s!!!!

I haven’t even gotten to the good part yet…. A BOTTLE OF THE STUFF COSTS $2AUD. That’s right $2AUD.

But being so cheap does it even work? IT DAMN WELL WORKS ALRIGHT and pretty good too if you ask me. As someone with very oily hair, I have to wash my hair every day so it doesn’t look oily as hell or attack my hair with dry shampoo to make my hair seem clean. With this shampoo and conditioner duo tho, I can go 3-4 days no wash, WITHOUT dry shampoo. It’s a must-have for everyone with oily hair or who wants a natural shampoo!

Check it out here guys!


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