April Skin Magic Cushion Foundation

22523798_1665347236817723_433993785_nRecently on my facebook, I’ve been seeing a lot of this Korean brand called April Skin. Their foundation claims to have flawless coverage yet be super nourishing for your skin. Great I thought so I sought out to try it.

Living in Australia it isn’t exactly easy to get Korean beauty products. The April skin website does offer worldwide shipping but it costs about twice as much as the actual product! Ouch. Luckily I had a little secret up my sleeve. Yesstyle.com. Offers a whole range of Asian beauty products that are shipped to Australia quite cheap. Yassss.

So April Skin foundation comes in a compact cushion something I’ve never been a fan of but sure I’ll give it a go.  They have 3 different types of cushions; The magic snow cushion, Magic snow white 2.0 and Magic snow fixing foundation.  They had no description of what they each did which was kind of annoying so I had no idea what one to get. I opted for the Magic snow cushion and Magic snow white 2.0. Annoyingly they only had 3 shades; 21 (Light Beige), 22( Pink Beige) and 23 (Medium Beige). I know that Korean skin is very white and in foundation I’m normally Medium Beige so I got both in shade 23.

Magic Snow Cushion in shade 23


They both cost $40AUD each which wasn’t too bad considering it was coming from the other side of the world. It also took about 5 weeks before I received them to which was a shame. When they finally came Magic snow white 2.0 came in shade 22 which was annoying since I did order shade 23 but after waiting for 5 weeks I wasn’t about to send it back and go through the torture of waiting again so I decided to give it a shot.

Magic Snow Cushion White 2.0 was waaaaaaay to white for me. It didn’t provide any good coverage and gave me a really dewy finish. I think it would be good if you were very pale and had very dry skin. Admittedly I was a little disappointed and gave it away ASAP hence why there are no pics.

The Magic Snow Cushion, however, was another story. The colour was on the lighter side but was perfect for winter. It was super moisturizing and left a dewy finish but not so much that it looked bad. The coverage wasn’t amazing nor was it long lasting. I think it would be good for someone who wanted to wear natural looking makeup. It was fast to apply and was very even but you did need a bit of it to make an impact. Admittedly I did use it a lot. It was great for those days where you are in a rush or don’t really feel like wearing heavy makeup but still wanted something.

Sadly you don’t get much product. The Cushion comes soaked in the foundation but when you pull it out there’s really not that much. I probably got 1 and a bit months use out of this cushion.


Inside the Magic Snow Cushion


Overall Rating for the Magic Snow White 2.0
Price- 7/10
Rating- 3/10
Would I buy it again? Probably not. It was too dewy for my skin.

Overall Rating for the Magic Snow Cushion.
Price- 7/10
Rating- 6/10
Would I buy it again? Maybe if I saw it in a shop but I don’t think I’d go out and look for it.


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