Pure Clay Masks by L’Oreal Paris

The L’Oreal Paris pure clay masks are here everyone! Okay so I know they’ve been around for a while but I’ve been a bit late on getting in on the hype and let me tell you I so regret waiting this long, these masks are on point. Coming in at only $20AUD each they are a bargain!

Image from: http://www.simplebycharlotte.com/wp-content/uploads/P1110066-1160×770.jpg

There are 3 new clay masks that all have a different formula and do different things. Say bye bye to shine(the green one) is for purifying pores and mattifying skin and has the added benefit of eucalyptus. The Glow and Go (the black one) is for detoxifying and brightness with the added benefit of charcoal, which is great for detoxifying. The last one get your smooth on (the red one) exfoliates and smooths and contains red algae. Each mask contains a mixture of three clays; Montmorillonite, to rebalance and purify the skin, Ghassoul to clarify complexion and Kaolin which gently absorbs impurities and excess oil.

I went out and got the Glow and Go since one of the main things I am worried about is how red and dull my skin is. The box claimed that instantly your skin will be more radiant and pure, in a week it will be refreshed and reveal a brighter complexion and day to day your skin will breathe and feel better. To be honest when I read that I did not have high hopes at all. Man was I wrong.I put the mask on, Let it sit for 15 minutes and then went to wash it off. What I noticed was it absorbed into my pores. I have very very big pores on my nose and chin. I was really surprised as I’ve never had a clay mask do this before. But that’s not all. After I washed it off I found all these little blackheads sitting on top of my nose and chin that you could rub off with a cloth. I was so surprised. I do admit I do get a lot of blackheads on my nose and a little on my chin but I didn’t think I had that many! After I rubbed them all away and exfoliated my skin looked the best it’s looked in a long time. It was so radiant and clean.


Look at these pores!


As instructed on the box I did it 2 times a week, two weeks later and I’m still impressed. My skin is so radiant and best of all NO BLACKHEADS. Each time I’ve done the mask I’ve had the blackheads sitting on top of my nose and chin but it got less and less. I’ve noticed a significant difference in my skin and my pores are just so clean!

Price- 10/10
Overall Rating– 10/10
Would I recommend you buy it? YES YES YES! These masks are AMAZING. Whilst I do admit I’ve only tried the Glow and go I will most definitely invest in the other two masks so stay tune in the future. And best of all, you can Multi-Mask!!!! Go out and buy it now you so won’t regret it!


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