Innisfree Bamboo overnight mask


Hey, guys, it’s time for another review. Wow I know I’m on a roll! So a while ago I did a massive Innisfree hall. I’ve been playing around with what I got for a while. Instead of reviewing them as a whole I thought it would be better to review them on there own since they are all so different.

So today’s review is on the Innisfree bamboo overnight mask! This mask is enriched with bamboo and other naturally sourced ingredients.

This mask is meant to be a soothing yet mosit3erisng mask that helps nourish the skin overnight.

To apply the facemask is super easy just use your fingers. It comes in a little tub in gel form so it applies super easy and it is super refreshing. Just make sure you have washed your face and cleaned your hands. 

The texture of the gel is similar to aloe vera gel, very watery and goopy. On your face, you don’t really feel anything since it is so quickly absorbed.

This one had a really sweet smell, not like bamboo at all which was pretty odd. It was strong at first but it did calm down over time.

I love the little pots they are so easy to carry around and they are mess free. The best part about them is that they are recyclable! I also like how you can reseal them to keep the mask fresh!

When I woke up my I admittedly almost forgot to wash it off since it felt like there was nothing there. At first, before washing my skin felt dry and crusty but I guess that would have been the mask. After washing my face my skin felt so soft. It didn’t look any different but it felt different. I did find that my makeup seemed to sit better on my skin since it was so moisturised. Its a win for me.

Coming in at $3 it is so damn worth it! They may look small but they last for 4-5 applications. You can get it here.

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx
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Salt Rooms- What are they?


Hey guys, sorry for the late post. I’ve had some issues. my leg to be exact it’s a little………..broken. But hey that means I have heaps of time to write reviews now!

So today I will be talking about one of my favourite things in the world- SALT ROOMS.

What is a salt room you ask? Well, its a room filled with salt. But not just any salt its special medical grade dry salt, usually from caves which have a range of health benefits. Its ideal for breathing issues or when you have a cold since it breaks up all the gunk in your chest/nose/lungs. Not only that but it is great for your skin! If you have acne you’d know that swimming in the ocean helps to remove acne. Why? It’s THE SALT.

So being winter/spring here it is prime time for colds and flu. Salt therapy is a life savour for this as it doesn’t completely get rid of it but it helps clear your nose and its damn relaxing. I love to go there after work to unwind.

What it is, is a big room with salt lamps and salt and there is a machine that blows salt through the air. You breathe it in deep to get the most benefits. The place that I go dulls the lights so you get the soothing glow of the salt lamps and they also play calming music. The best part of it all is the massage chairs. It makes the whole experience super relaxing. 

Salt rooms are becoming more and more popular throughout the world but they originated in Europe. They are often called Halotherapy which is derived from the Greek Word salt. Why are so many words derived from Greece? 

Anywho salt therapy can be a little costly. Where I go its $45 for a one-hour session, however, you can buy a membership which is a little cheaper- which is what I have done and I get unlimited sessions. If you are someone with breathing problems or prone to colds then salt therapy is so damn worth it!

That’s all from me.
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The Announcment!!!



Hi guys,
So today isn’t so much a review but more an announcement. But first, we will start with the bad news. The bad news is that I will be dropping my posts to once a week. Why? University, Work, Life and my new business is taking up a lot of time so I can’t write as much as I would like to. This hopefully will change when things settle down and I will be able to write 2-3 times a week again!

I did kind of mention it just then- My new business. That’s right I have a business. I am making soap. I did a post about soap making a few weeks ago in my monthly must-haves and well it’s just kind of taken off!

The business is called Peachy Soaps Co. Inspired by the name Pretty Peach Reviews. I make custom soap and random soaps of my own designs. As of right now, I AM SOLD OUT of my pre-made soap designs so if you were wanting to order there is a little wait. I am really excited to venture into this new part of my life since soap making is so fun and running a business is a challenge I have always wanted to do! I hope you will all support me through this journey.


You can buy my soap on facebook by going to or you can email me at


Just because I am not blogging as much doesn’t mean I will stop completely so never fear, I am still here!

That’s all from me and I will see you next week!

Just an update

So recently I have been getting messages on Instagram and Twitter asking where I am. I am still here. However with studying full time and Working full-time hours blogging is damn hard, so I have decided to cut down to reviews once a week on a Thursday!

I can’t wait to see you all on Thursdays. I have an exciting announcement!

xoxoxo Pretty Peach

Kracie Hanabisei Adult Acne Care Facemask


Hey, guys guess what an actual review! I know weird right. Today I’ll be talking about the Kracie Hanabisei Adult Acne Care Facemask.

The Kracie Hanabisei Adult Acne Care Facemask is made for adult acne care and aims to help prevents recurring adult acne breakouts and acne scars. This mask is formulated with Vitamin C for brightening, Glycyrrhizin for anti-inflammatory properties, green tea extract and collagen for moisturising and lemon to help speed up skin cell turnover. Wow, so much good stuff!

I found this sheet mask super easy to apply. The sheet itself was thicker than normal sheet masks which I really like. I personally have a lot of trouble with sheet masks I always rip them when I unfold them but with this being thicker it was way easier. It’s also really big so it reaches every part of your face. This one reached right under my chin and parts of my neck which I found super cool! So you can leave it on for 5-15 minutes or 20 if you have really dry skin. I decided to do the full 20 because I always choose the longest recommended time for sheet masks.

It had a lovely fruity smell. I found the smell whilst strong was very relaxing. Almost like aromatherapy

This mask suggests that it will help with acne and brighten your skin. So when I took it off my skin had not changed at all which I was kind of sad. Since my skin can be quite red some sheet masks work straight away, however, the next day I woke up and my skin looked great. It felt hydrated. Any little acne spots I had were not as red as before and my skin was glowing.

Coming in at $16.00 You can get it here.

I really liked this facemask. The smell almost doubled as an aromatherapy for me and the results were great! I loved waking up to the results the next day and what got me the most was how the fabric of the sheet mask was thicker than normal. I think this is a real winner guys! 

That’s all from me
Until next time xxx

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August Must Haves


Wow, can you all believe that its August already? Where has the time gone? Nearing the end of winter here in Australia it is still pretty damn cold so this month rather than makeup, most of the must haves are things that I am loving to do whilst staying inside keeping warm! 

1. QV Lipbalm
Okay, so I guess this one is a beauty product. But It is a must for those cold windy days. I always, ALWAYS get wind burn on my lips from the wind but the QV lip balm is my lifesaver. It lasts super long and moisturises my lips whilst protecting them from the nasty wind. What makes it even better is it’s only $5.00!  Get it here.

2. Dressing Gowns
It’s so hard to get out of bed on a cold morning but one thing that makes it easier is my grey, super snuggly dressing gown. I swear if I am not out I live in it. Its so warm and soft and Uhg I wish I could wear it everywhere. I got mine from Cotton On for $45. It was so worth it. You can get the same one here.

3. Vests
When I do eventually decide to venture out of my warm home into the cold world one thing I love to wear is my vest. You would be surprised how warm they keep you and there hella cute. I got mine from ASOS which I can’t find on there site anymore. I found a similar one on Jeanswest, however, mine has a hood and black faux fur on it to make it look fancy.  You can have a look at the Jeanswest one here. 

4. Soap Making
Now, this is something I AM OBSESSED WITH! I bought a soap making kit not long ago and now I can’t stop! I have made so much soap already, it is the perfect winter activity and the satisfaction of seeing your creation at the end of the process is so uhg I crave for it. I may even post a tutorial and/or reviews on my soap if you’re lucky. I get all my soap making supplies from this website here.

Here is a sneak peak of one of the soaps I have just made. 

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx
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How To Grow Your Nails!

The secret to long nails



This week seems to be all about growing things. Growing your hair, growing your nails! One thing that I have been obsessed with lately is my nails. I personally always get SNS on my nails since it not only makes my nails stronger and look good, it has made them grow really fast but it made me wonder, how else can you grow strong thick nails. My nails without SNS are pretty weak so I thought Id give it a go. 

Simply Nailogical does a great video on how to grow your nails so I recommend you check that out. It’s what I somewhat followed to grow my own. 

Cristine recommended using jojoba oil which is really good for your nails, however I couldn’t find any and the ones that I ordered off eBay looked kind of funky so what I did was use Bio Oil. That’s right the stuff for your stretch marks. I found that keeping the nail and the nail bed moisturised with Bio Oil really helped improve the strength and length of my nail. I also really like the smell of Bio Oil which is a bonus.

Another tip that Cristine recommended is using hand moisturiser then putting gloves over your hands why you sleep. I tried it and it was super weird so I just used my super fast absorbing moisturiser before bed. It did the trick.  

I think that the trick is to just keep your hands and nails moisturised. I did hear that if you get your hands wet it can weaken your nail so try to wear gloves whenever you know your hands will get wet like when you do the dishes.

I have done this for about 1 week and I have not noticed nay significant change yet. I will have to post a follow up about this method later on.

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx  

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